Retention is defined as the continued use or possession of something. Some organizations may define records management as simply the retention of enterprise content. While retention plays a part in managing the information lifecycle, there are other crucial steps that need to be taken when practicing compliant records management.

In this webinar, Gimmal’s Director of Sales Engineering, Dean Misenhimer, will explore key components to incorporate when strategizing your company’s records management program.
Join to learn:

  • Where retention fits into the overall records management process
  • Why retention by itself doesn’t meet your records management needs
  • The difference between retaining content and practicing records management
Dean Misenhimer
Director of Sales Engineering

Dean manages Gimmal's pre-sales organization and helps our clients explore, understand, and make the best use of our software. Dean's extensive experience with our products and within the larger discipline inform his presentations, giving a unique insight into how records managers can respond to the challenges they face.

Product Manager

Rick serves as Gimmal's Product manager and has experience establishing product strategies to best serve market challenges around data governance. In his previous role at Sherpa Software, he worked closely with partners and clients to shape the product roadmap for the company's signature platform for policy-driven information governance. Rick is also a certified information governance professional through AIIM and ARMA.

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